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Revolutionary Patented Vortech Plates

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AT BEST PRICE WATER  you'll learn the difference between No Salt No Potassium Systems and Salt or Sodium Free Potassium Systems so you can choose the quality of water that’s right for you and your family… LETS TALK!

All Go Green Best Price Water Systems feature the Revolutionary New Patented Vortech - Mid - Vortech™ Distribution Technology from Enpress®. Visit

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No-Salt Descaler-H2O TRANSFORMER™

The interior chamber of the Descaler-H2O Transformer™ uses a grade 304 stainless steel anode and cathode. As water flows through its chamber, the Descaler-H2O Transformer™ technology continuously sends low voltage, high frequency electrically charged impulses between the anode and cathode. This process of sending between 3000 and 5000 impulses per second physically changes the molecular form of the calcium in the water. As the impulses apply energy to calcium molecules, hydrogen is released from the calcium bicarbonate (hard adhering crystals) and changes to form a calcium carbonate (soft non-adhering crystals) otherwise known as aragonite. As an added benefit, aragonite is also known to be a natural pH balances. This is how we supply healthy alkaline drinking water to you and your family.

NO SALT:Our no-salt systems feature the state-of-the-art DESCALER-H2O TRANSFORMER™ retaining the healthy minerals in the water while reducing hard water scale. The combination of the Patented Vortech-Mid-Vortech™ Distribution Technology and the H2O Transformer™ Descaling Technology makes it the most environmentally friendly Go Green Whole House Water Filtration System™ on the planet.

SALT:Our ECO-PROSalt Systems utilize the Patented Vortech-Mid-Vortech™ Plate design that creates fluidity of the media beds and extends contaminant removal capacity; which means less regenerations and significant reduction in water use. Saving 30% less water, and up to 30 – 50% less salt helps save our environment. This makes the ECO PRO™ series the most Eco-Friendly Whole House Water Softener Conditioner Filtration Systems on the planet.

Next Generation Go Green Save Green Whole House Water Treatment Systems

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At Best Price Water  you’ll learn the difference between No Salt No Potassium Systems and Salt or Sodium Free Potassium Systems so you can choose the quality of water that’s right for you and your family… LETS TALK!

Whichever system you choose from Go Green Best Price Water Systems™ NON-SALT OR SALT it will have the patented Vortech™ Distribution Technology from ENPRESS®.


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No-Salt Technology at Work


Vortech™ Patented Plates  H2O Transformer Descaler

The pictures above were taken with an electron microscope of the calcium molecule before and after the application of the the H2O Transformer TM technology. Figure 1 shows the coarse crystallized structure of the calcium bicarbonate (hard). This crystal is what adheres itself to the inner walls of plumbing and appliances, causing calcium scaling. Figure 2 shows aragonite calcium carbonate (soft). Notice the change that occurred to the molecular structure. Aragonite is a finer particle, which is non-adherent to the inner walls of plumbing and appliances. These particles form a talc-like powder that is water soluble, allowing the healthy nutrients to remain in your water in a friendly form.

  • No Salt, No Potassium
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Retains Naturally Healthy Minerals in the Water
  • Great for Drinking, Cooking, Showering & Bathing
  • Reduces Hard Water Scale